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This shat doesn't have a thread yet.

Anywho, Shakira and Usher are leaving for season five, and Christina and Cee Lo are coming back. The frauen are outraged and it's hilarious. Image
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Shakira & Usher were never supposed to be permanent judges anyway.

Cee-Lo tried some solo stuff and Christina had to tend to her dying Lotus.

So fraus just got pissed off for no reason. SHOCKER -_-

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Didn't they announce that they would switch every season ages ago? So the fraus can't read.

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Shakira and Usher have done a surprisingly good job as Judges, especially Shakira. The Voice prods. have done a much better job then Idol or X Factor of picking judges who are interesting personality-wise and credible (except for maybe X-tina).  Whether real or scripted, there has been good chemistry between the Judges this season.

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Who is voting for the Porker if not us?

Do frauen really identify with her hamhock thighs and her sou-eeeeee sounding vocals?

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I voted for her because I thought it would be funny if she didn't go home.

I was right. Image

Granted, I only voted like 20 times. But hey!

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Well, folks were shocked when favorites Judith Hill & Sarah Simmons were voted off, and Adam was SO pissed that he was overheard saying I hate this country into a live mic, whether joking or not. Well Adam, if "The Voice" would just rig the votes like Idull, you wouldn't have this problem. :lbf Here's a little snippet of the media buzz -
[link= ... phone-hate]Levine says "I hate Amerikkka"[/link]

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Found in the vftw AI season 7 photochop thread
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^^^^edit found in the VFTW season 7 photochops^^^^

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Anybody else notice Blake saying his team was down to only country singers, just as he'd intended?  He might have been kidding; I didn't see it; Mom did, and said it was too bad for any non-country singers who had a choice of coaches and picked him.